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Fire Detection From Image


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Model Details
No. Of Images: 45000
Algorithm: Tensorflow & Keras
Developed a fire detection model using TensorFlow & Keras, identifying fire or non-fire conditions in images.
Notes: Tested


I successfully designed and trained a fire detection model utilizing the robust capabilities of TensorFlow and Keras. The model showcases the ability to accurately discern between images containing instances of fire and those depicting non-fire scenarios. Leveraging a comprehensive dataset, I applied deep learning techniques to train the model, allowing it to learn intricate patterns and features associated with fires. The model's architecture is optimized for high performance, incorporating layers that extract and process relevant image features while efficiently minimizing false positives. Through a rigorous training process, I fine-tuned the model to achieve a commendable level of accuracy and generalization. This project contributes to enhancing fire safety measures by providing a reliable and efficient tool for automated fire detection in various visual contexts.

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